handgun performance upgrades


Install Custom Grip Frames

These grip frames will enhance your stock Ruger pistols. There are several models to choose from including the R.W. grip frames, and Ron Powers' Keith #5 all steel grip frame. These frames will be fitted to either your new or old model Ruger.

R.W. Grip Frames

R.W. grip frames can supply you with many different styles for your Ruger pistol. We suggest you look at their website for ideas.

Frame fitting - $175.00

Bake on alluminum grip frame painting - $100.00

Power Custom 2-Piece Grip Frames

Standard Colt style, part provided - $495.00

Keith #5, part provided - $595.00

(Prices include a grade 1 frame to grip frame fitting and complete re-bluing)

Standard Old and New Model Ruger Grip Frames

Furnish and install old model, alluminum grip frame which includes fitting and finishing - $225.00

New model Bisley grip frames, part provided, includes fitting and refinishing - call for pricing.

Hammer and Trigger Upgrades

We furnish and install Power's Custom Bisley half-cock hammer and trigger kits for Old and New Model Rugers - $250

Colt style half -cock hammer and trigger for large frame Rugers, part furnished and installed - $225

Colt style half-cock hammer and trigger for New Vaquero, medium frame - $220

For stainless triggers and hammers add $20.

Action Upgrades

We polish all internal parts of your action to make it smoother and more precise. We correct your timing if needed and adjust the pull on your trigger. We also provide springs or spring kits when needed. - $200

Free Spin Cylinder Upgrade

This upgrade will imporve you handgun's timing as well as to allow the cylinder to spin freely both ways when the loading gate is open. We furnish the part - $85

Ron Powers Oversized Cylinder Stop

This part will provide your handgun with a bank-vault lock up. It eliminates most, if not all, latteral rotation of the cylinder which will increase the accuracy of your hnandgun.

New Model Ruger - we furnish the part and fit - $90

Old Model Ruger - we furnish the part and fit - call for availability and pricing.

Receiver and Cylinder Upgrades

Cylinder End Float Corrected

This will correct all forward and rear end play of the cylinder. We will install a bushing and machine it. - $125.00

(Note: Sometimes the barrel and cylinder gap will be excessive and we will have to adjust this. To do this we have to set the barrel back which is an extra cost.)

Regulate barrel to cylinder gap to our custom specifications.

We do this on our standard builds, but if the customer would like his handgun barrel cylinder gap set to .002 or .003, we can do this. - $175

Cylinder Base Pins

We furnish and install oversized base pin with staking screw. This should be done on all handguns that have had their end-float set.

  • Hamilton Bowen's - $100
  • Ron Powers' - $40

Cylinder Conversions

We will re-chamber the caliber of your choice on a custom blank - $600.00 (includes line boring, does not include barrel)

Barrel Work

Custom Barrel Install

We use either a Douglas preminum blank or a Pac Nor blank barrel. We can duplicate a factory taper or make your barrel a straight taper. - $550.00

Shorten Factory Barrel

We can shorten your handgun barrel to any length down to 4 inches (see below) The factory sight will be re-installed on your barrel with silver sodder and a factory crown put on the end of the barrel. We will also re-blue the barrel. - $175

We recommend the whole gun be re-blued for an exact match. Please add - $75

Shorten Factory Barrel under 4 inches

Any barrel shortened to under 4 inches involves considerable more work such as shortening the ejector housing and recontouring and shortening the cylinder base pin. Please note that we will also have to remove the factory lettering on the barrel. The factory sight will be re-installed on your barrel with silver sodder and a factory crown put on the end of the barrel. We will also re-blue the barrel. - $300

We recommend the whole gun be re-blued for an exact match. Please add - $75

Barrel Bore Lapping

For cast bullet shooters, this helps with accuracy. - $80

Custom Sights

Any time we build a handgun for our customers, we usually install custom sights. We can supply Hamilton Bowen's Rough Country rear sights and his custom, extra-tall front sights. We also highly recommend XS's front sights and Fermin Garza's custom sights which we install. Tell me your ideas and I can recommend which sight is best for you on the caliber of your gun. Call for pricing.


Standard Bluing - $200.00

This finish will match or exceed factory bluing.

Color Case Hardening - We highly recommend Doug Turnbull's case hardening. Call for pricing.

Special Finishes

On some of our custom hunting handguns we can put special finishes. Please call for prices.