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Coyote Cuff Traps

     The Coyote Cuff Jaw was born in the hill country of Texas.  The fur boom of the 1970's had trap manufacturers scrambling for a better coyote trap.  The Northwoods and Montgomery trap companies all came out with a good coyote and bobcat trap.  Most coyote and bobcat trappers used these coil-spring traps with good success. 

    Like all coyote and bobcat traps, there are improvements than can be made.  A few die hard coyote trappers, including myself, were looking for something better in a trap.  Long-lining coyotes required alternating the traplines according to what  line could be checked and when.  Unfortunately, some traps could not be checked regularly and we were losing coyotes due to jaw failure and pullouts.  I knew there was something better and finally, in Texas, I found a cast jaw that ADC trapper, Joe Chesnut, was retro-fitting into size three coil-spring traps. 

   I bought as many as I could and began trying them on my coyote lines.  It didn't take me long to realize that this jaw was far supperior to any lamination and was exactly what I needed.  I was so impressed with it's performance, that I bought the rights to the jaw and began building a better coyote trap around it.  The rest is history.  But, what we started with the large offset and wide, flat jaw faces, caught on and almost every trap manufacturer today has copied it and made their own version.  I have built what I consider the ultimate in a coyote trap.  There are no frills or bells and whistles...only hard hitting performance. 

These traps are hand made in the USA.

 Our Coyote Cuff Traps come in three styles:  Circle C Coyote Cuff, Coyote Cuff #33 and Coyote Cuff #22.   These traps are all built around our famous Coyote Cuff Jaw.  Each trap is designed with different features to cover all of the different variables a trapper might encounter on his trapline. 


All of our traps come stock with 12 inch, #3 machine chain and 2 crunch proof swivels.  If you want add ons or custom length, please e-mail me before ordering.


If you are interested in "USPS flat rate shipping", please e-mail or call in your order.


Circle C Coyote Cuff size #3

I designed this trap after the original retro-fit to the #3 coil-spring traps of the 1990's.  I added a few changes by making my own frame, which is longer, to accomodate the 5 1/2 inch jaw spread of the original Coyote Cuff.  We use a larger pan that sets higher than the wire levered Coyote Cuff #33.  This will especially help the trapper who prefers a pad catch on his coyotes for the live market.  We also use regular levers which help trappers that have trouble setting the very strong, wire-lever Coyote Cuff #33's.  This trap is very versitile and the springs can be removed and weaker springs can be installed if desired.  This trap is also one of the best Bobcat traps available today.

Coyote Cuff #33 Wire Lever

This trap was designed around the Coyote Cuff Jaw for the trapper that absolutely has to have his coyote in the set everytime.  This trap will not lose a coyote once fired.  Here's why.  We use wire levers that are extremely strong and rise high on the jaw.  This helps facilitate getting the heavy, cast jaw out of the ground and onto the coyote's foot as fast as possible and locking the jaws so there is no flexing.  We use a Pos-i-trip, medium, bolt on pan as standard on this trap.  This gives a centered, bulls-eye effect and a larger area on the inside of the jaw spread so that when fired, the coyotes' foot is well inside the 5 1/2 inch jaw spread.  We place the pan extremely low into the frame.  This eliminates mis-fired traps when the coyote is digging at the set.  When the trap is fired, the coyote's foot is deep into the well of the trap.  The coyote cuff jaw, with it's large 3/8ths inch offset and 1/2 inch jawface will hold a coyote indefinitely until the trapper arrives with no worry of him pulling out.


Coyote Cuff #22 Wire Lever

This trap is the little brother of the Coyote Cuff #33.  It has the same features of it's big brother with the added ability to bed easier and has a smaller, 4 1/2 inch jaw spread for different applications.  This trap can be used on the Fox line or the Bobcat line as well as the Coyote line.  It is a very well built and strong trap and is lightening fast.  There is no other trap designed out there today that can compare to this trap for efficiency and durability.