standard handgun builds

A Word About Our Work

We have been building custom pistols now, going on 20 years. I pride myself on my work and nothing leaves the shop unless it's at Guild quality or better. I am not the fastest builder out there, but fo me, it's quality work over production.

We have, through the years, done just about everything anyone could dream up. There are though certain cartridges that folks have been coming up with that are not user friendly in a revolver. For instance, the 5 mm Remington Magnum and the .256 Winchester Magnum, which are both bottle necked cartridges and creat extraction problems.

I am very open minded and will discuss anything you could want done. I am generalizing the categories for builds on Ruger pistols by frame size and the prices reflect basic custom work on these builds.

Small Frames

The .327 Federal cartridge chambered in our extra length cylinder makes a very good custom handgun. It's great for anyone wanting a light handgun that packs a magnum punch. We offer this custom pistol build with either your existing barrel or a custom Douglas barrel.

* Basic Build starting at - $2100.00

* Build with Douglas Barrel - $2500.00

Medium Frames

Ruger Medium Frame Old Model

The .357 medium frame old models are our most popular conversions and do not require a custom cylinder. These builds can be done in .38-.40, .41 mag, .44 special and .44-40. The basic conversion utilizes your barrel which is re-bored to the caliber of your choosing. If a custom barrel is wanted, it will be extra.

* Basic Build starting at - $2000.00

(This price may vary according to cost of barrels and grip frames)

Ruger Medium Frame New Model

There are a number of conversions that can be done on these guns. On all custom chamberings, other than .44 special, a 6-shot or 5-shot custom cylinder is used. Some popular chamberings for the 6-shot cylinders are .327 Federal and .32-20. The New Model Ruger .357 Magnum Anniversary model can be turned into a light weight powerhouse using a 5-shot, full length cylinder chambered in .41 mag, .44 mag or .45 colt, that is rated +P. All conversions can be had with custom sights or any custom feature we list under performance upgrades.

* Basic Build starting at - $2500.00

(This price may vary according to cost of barrels and grip frames)

Large Frames

Old Model Ruger

These fine pistols can be fitted with 6-shot, after market, full length cylinders. A large frame, .30 carbine pistol can be fitted with a cylinder chambered for .32-20 using the existing barrel for a 2 cylinder pistol. Basic rechambering on old models includes retiming a new cylinder.

* Basic starting at - $2500.00

New Model Ruger

The New Model Ruger Blackhawk and the New Model Bisley revolvers are perfect platforms for 5-shot cylinders. The 5-shot cylinders are perfect for big bore conversions like the .475 Linebaugh and the .500 Linebaugh. We also chamber in our 5-shot custom conversions the .45 Colt, which can be handloaded to +P+ levels for superior performance. To fit the cylinders, we open up the cylinder window on the pistol frame, re-time the gun entirely, install a bearing block and install an oversized cylinder pin for an absolute tight lock-up. A custom barrel comes standard with the .475 and .500 Linebaugh conversions.

* Basic starting at - $3100.00

(note: These prices are on your gun which you supply for me to work on. If you require a gun to build on, we can supply that at market prices.)